10 Reasons We Can Give You Better Asset Protection

We can give you better asset protection by using a 541 Trust.  These are the top ten reasons our 541 Trust gives you better asset protection: 

1.  Better Statutory Foundation.  The 541 Trust™ is supported by state and federal statutes throughout the country. Click HERE to see law supporting the 541 Trust™.

2.  Better Case Law to Support It.
  The 541 Trust™ is proven by an overwhelming number of court cases throughout the country. Click HERE to see law supporting the 541 Trust™.

3.  Better Confidentiality. 
The 541 Trust™ removes assets from your personal ownership and from any disclosure of your personal assets.  It is a private document and it cannot be discovered through any public records.

4.  Better Scope of Use.
  If implemented correctly, the 541 Trust™ can protect any type of asset, in any location, from any type of liability including lawsuits, bankruptcy, tax liens, divorce, or government actions.

5.  Better Flexibility.
  The terms, conditions, and beneficiaries of the 541 Trust™ can be changed, and the assets can be returned to you without any cost or tax effect, at any time.

6.  Better Simplicity.
  The 541 Trust™ can be set up within a few days and it requires no appraisals, no gift taxes, no extra tax returns, and no ongoing maintenance fees. You can transfer any asset into or out of the 541 Trust™ without any tax consequences.  The 541 Trust™ does not increase or decrease your income taxes. We will coordinate with your CPA to be sure they understand and agree with the tax treatment.

7.  Better Than Offshore Trusts, DAPTs, or FLPs.  The 541 Trust™ is supported by generations of legal precedent. Despite heavy promotion, history and court cases prove that Offshore Trusts, DAPTs and FLPs fail to protect assets as promised.Expand

8.  Better Price.  The 541 Trust™ comes at a better price and with lower ongoing fees than comparable plans.

9.  Better Ethical Foundation. 
The 541 Trust™ must be done in advance of a problem for the purpose of providing security for your family in the event of currently unforeseen liabilities.  We do not facilitate fraud of any kind.  

10. Better Craftsmanship and Support.  
Lee McCullough is an adjunct law school professor who teaches law students how to draft better trusts.  We have designed asset protection trusts for hundreds of clients and have seen many of them tested in court.  Because the concept of the 541 Trust™ is the best in the industry, we are often hired by distinguished law firms throughout the country to serve as co-counsel in preparing 541 Trusts™ for their clients.  The 541 Trust™ is sophisticated enough for clients with over $100 million, while simple and economical enough for those with under $100,000. We will customize your documents to your particular situation, and we will be available to provide ongoing support over many years.    

For a detailed explanation and diagram of the 541 Trust, call 801-765-0279 or click HERE to send us an email.


Notable Facts about our 541 Trusts:

“541 Trust”™ is a name that we made up to describe our best asset protection trust.  No one else provides a trust quite like this.

Our 541 Trusts™ have been tested in lawsuits, bankruptcy, and IRS audits.  None have failed to protect the trust assets.

We have created 541 Trusts™ for hundreds of clients including the following:

  • Dozens of respected law firms and attorneys who have hired us to prepare trusts for their clients.
  • Over two dozen clients with assets exceeding $25 million (6 clients with over $100 million)
  • Over a hundred clients with assets exceeding $10 million
  • Several Major League Baseball players including a current member of the New York Yankees with multiple World Series titles and over 400 home runs.
  • 1 Hall of Fame NBA basketball player
  • 1 current NFL offensive lineman
  • 1 current head coach for a BCS football program
  • Several authors of New York Times best selling books.
  • Several internationally known entertainers (TV, Film, Music)

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If you would like to receive a detailed explanation and a diagram of the 541 Trust, please call us at 801-765-0279 or click HERE to send us an email.